your community
for disasters
& emergencies

Northern & Yorke Regions of SA



A series of workshops

were held across the Northern and Yorke Region of SA during July and August 2023 which were managed by the Legatus Group.

The workshops were delivered by Kristine Peters, designed to help communities to understand what they need to do to prepare for and respond to disasters.

The purpose

of the workshops included (1) bringing communities and councils together to think about how they prepare for a disaster, (2) help everyone to understand their role and how they may need to deal with situations ahead of time so that they can be effective in their response and support their own wellbeing and (3) know what support is available and how to access.

Who attended

Everyone who wanted to be more effective and ensure they felt confident and informed when dealing with an emergency.

This included council representatives both senior administration and elected members, representatives of community groups including service organisations, progress associations, sporting and social clubs – noting that it did not need to be leadership of those groups as it is often the quiet achievers who are the ‘go to’ people in an emergency.

See Webinar Here:PPt Webinar (SM)

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